4868 Form Extension: How-to Guide

Are you looking for Form 4868 extension details and a printable version of the most recent 4868 version? You are on the right page then! Here, at 4868-form-extension.com, we share all the information needed to fill out the IRS extension Form 4868, including its purpose, actual due dates, and detailed submission guidelines. Moreover, you can use our website to fill and print a blank or complete form directly. We do all we can for your convenience!

This article about the 4868 Form includes comprehensive answers to the most common questions related to this document: Let’s begin with the first question. Income tax Form 4868 (also known as Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) is a federal tax form by the Internal Revenue Service. It’s designed to let you apply for tax return due date prolongation. If you don’t have enough time to file your annual tax return, it’s important to fill out the IRS federal extension Form 4868 to receive the right to complete your tax return during the next 6 months after the original due date. The form lets you avoid penalties for being late with your tax return. However, if you fail to send the return within the 6 months given by the form, you will have to pay another penalty (the minimal size is $330 if you’re late for 60 days, or a custom amount for shorter delays).

Despite such a convenient opportunity, you are obliged to send the tax payment by the original due date. The form lets you postpone only the original form submission date. By submitting the federal extension Form 4868, you can move the deadline for: If you are an employee or a freelancer and you cannot file your individual tax return form timely, filling out an income tax extension Form 4868 is a must. We let you download the latest official version of the form, but that’s not all. We also provide: Unlike the federal tax return form, 4868 is rather short and easy to fill, as it’s designed to save you some time. However, we want to clarify some of the points. This form includes two parts. The whole thing takes less than a full A4 page, and it doesn’t require you to explain your reasons for receiving an extension, which means that your request cannot be denied.

Filling out the form, you have to provide your personal information, including your name (as in the passport), your real official address, SSN (Social Security Number), and, if you’re married, the SSN of your spouse. Next, in Part II, provide the required information related to your income taxes. Here you have to provide the IRS with an estimated size of your final tax. You should try to be as precise as possible. If the estimated tax liability for the FY (financial year) appears to be bigger than the total tax payment size, you have a balance due.

But what is the exact due date for Form 4868 submission? It’s important to file it no later than the original April deadline for the tax return. You cannot request an extension if you fail to do it by the April deadline.

You can submit the form by mail, using the printable blank form downloaded from our website. We provide you with an option to fill and print the form or print a blank form for filling it out manually. However, the recommended option is to fill and submit the form electronically as it gets to the IRS instantly via email. There are also several options to pay your taxes online. Here are the options: Originally, this form doesn’t grant you a pay time extension. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS extended the payments on taxes for 90 days more. It means that no penalties and interest appear during this extra 90 days.

Finally, if you’re a citizen or a resident, who works outside the US territory, you receive an automatic 2-month extension without the need to file Form 4868. If you need some more time to file your income tax return, you should fill 4868. Don’t forget to find the box that says "out of the country" on line 8. This will give you 4 months more without penalties. If you are going on a vacation outside the US on the tax filing due dates, you have to file the form earlier or hire a paid tax preparer.

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